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Latest Projects

  • Gavr - A Tiny WonderWorld With A Friend Inside


    Enter the world of gavr, a stubborn tiny dwarf who lives inside your iPhone. He is a difficult fellow, so try to get on his good side. Build up a strong relationship, influence his personality and earn items. Together you can help him advance through multiple dynamic plot lines, and unlock new abilities and ways of interactions.

  • Please, Please, Let's Eat Sweets

    Please, Please, Let's Eat Sweets!

    Tilt your device to lead the girl to victory in this fast-paced candy eating marathon. Tasty, dynamic and colorful experience of Let's Eat Sweets brings the kind of ever-entertaining arcade gameplay that's fun for the whole family.

  • The Tales of Walenir

    The Tales of Walenir

    A spatial anomaly sends a young and promising air fleet captain and his crew to a world where magic is common and mundane. As technology is brought to this peaceful land, it becomes a corrupted playground for greedy newcomers vying for control. Betrayed by his crew, the captain seeks to harness the power of elemental magic in order to restore peace to the shattered world and bring his former subordinates to justice.